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Anadach is a leading global strategic healthcare consulting firm that specializes in providing value for clients and partners in emerging markets, or for international players with an interest in transforming healthcare systems in emerging markets and developing economies.


Our journey started over a decade ago; since 2009 we have worked with and for players across the entire healthcare sector value chain including multinational health organizations, private equity firms, international development finance institutions, not-for-profit, donor & non-governmental organizations, hospital management organizations (HMOs),health insurance companies & health providers, pharmaceutical & medical device companies, healthcare product manufacturers, suppliers, & distributors, banks, governments & government agencies, healthcare / health-tech startups, and other private sector players, on countless projects to deliver high quality, bespoke, actionable solutions to the problems within the healthcare and life sciences sector.


Anadach operates physical offices in the USA and Nigeria, but also engages a team of consultants strategically located in countries across Africa, the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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