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We provide strategic advice on all aspects of the healthcare and life sciences industries to players such as pharmaceutical companies, multinational companies, hospital management boards, health insurance companies and healthcare organizations. Strategic direction provided by the Anadach Group includes but is not limited to large scale health care investments, healthcare project financing, market access for drugs, vaccines, and devices. In addition to providing actionable solutions, we also support clients in adopting or implementing our strategic recommendations. The implementation work we do includes training exercises, product development & adoption guidance, and performance evaluation & monitoring, on behalf of our clients.




Our experience here is two-fold – we have extensive experience both advising  financial institutions such as private equity firms, international development finance institutions, and deposit banks seeking to make investments into the healthcare sector or specific healthcare players. Moreover, we have also worked on several projects supporting healthcare players in need of funding. Experience on both ends of the financial transactions that occur within the healthcare and life sciences sector make us the advisor of choice to financial institutions, public-private partnerships (PPPs), hospitals, manufacturers and players across the healthcare value chain. Notably, Anadach has a track-record of fostering and creating partnerships and relationships via connecting our clients and partners with strategic partners, investors, and key customers. We are adept at business plan & expansion plan development, landscape analyses, conducting feasibility & due diligence studies, and advising our clients on decisions pertaining to mergers & acquisitions, dissolutions, lending & borrowing, expansion, renovations, and diversification.






We have extensive experience furthering global health initiatives within the public, social and private sectors. We work as a trusted partner with governments and government agencies across the continent. Moreover, in emerging markets where the private sector notably plays a significant role in healthcare financing, delivery and system support, Anadach has either worked or has relationships with several local and international key players such as the World Bank Group, USAID, DFID, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Global Fund, Dangote Foundation, etc. Additionally, we have worked across various disease areas such as malaria, maternal and child health issues, Ebola, and COVID-19. Currently, we are doing high impact work within the area of Tuberculosis (TB) with the aim of contributing to reducing the overall burden of TB in Nigeria via advocacy, awareness campaigns, training health and safety officers/occupational physicians, and encouraging employers to provide TB cover through HMOs.






We aid clients in developing market-specific, high impact market access and pricing strategies for their products whether it be drugs, vaccines, or medical devices. In addition, we support the development of compelling value messages tailored to the various decision makers. The healthcare landscape is particularly complicated in developing nations however, Anadach is uniquely positioned and qualified to provide clients with actionable recommendations due to the volume of projects we conduct within the space, the extensive experience of our consultants, and our vast network that consists of key decision makers such as payers, government agencies, clinicians, key opinion leaders and health economists, etc. in several countries.




We assist and support the successful completion of healthcare projects and a significant part of that is building capacity where there is none or enhancing whatever capacity there is. Whether you are a global pharmaceutical looking to set up a clinical trial in an emerging market you have no prior experience with, or you are a government agency trying to set up and implement a performance management system, or you simply need a partner with in-depth knowledge and experience with the market(s) in question to train your in-house staff, Anadach can help. Furthermore, on the behalf of, or for clients Anadach conducts (and can moderate) training exercises, workshops, webinars, seminars, and conferences relevant to the healthcare and life sciences sector. Anadach also organizes and facilitates retreats for board members and other senior level clients with the aim of creating an effective environment for strategy development.







Our team consists of data analysts, management consultants, researchers, and scientists, and hence we can conduct high quality primary and secondary research exercises. Whether due diligence assessments, feasibility studies, landscape analyses, value messaging exercises, surveys or workshops, we are the consultancy of choice. Our research provides the intel our clients need to make investment decisions, to guide mergers / acquisitions, market entry and market expansion choices, etc





We have a long track-record in providing excellent advisory and governance services to public and private hospitals, as well as healthcare organizations in countries across Africa. Examples include consulting and implementation support we have provided to major public and parastatal health facilities in Nigeria. Leveraging on the countless project hours spent supporting these players in the performance optimization exercises, Anadach launched it’s Governance Academy in 2020. The Anadach Governance Academy has so far conducted two webinars that were attended by stakeholders from across Africa including  Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria,  Sierra Leone, South Africa and Uganda namely: “Dynamic Private Health Sector Board Governance” and “Effective Public Health Sector & NGO Board Governance”.  





The demand for better structure within healthcare systems has also spurred on an increased need for better policies. The urgency within this trend has only been heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic which has revealed never before seen cracks within healthcare systems and highlighted the need for better, less bureaucratic policies. Specifically in Africa, the pandemic has resulted in a renewed interest for the continent to begin to manufacture the majority of its vaccines and drugs locally. We organized Pan-African learning events very early in the pandemic to ensure quick sharing of experience across the continent, and with other countries which were earlier affected e.g. Italy, US, Vietnam.  We have worked on policy white papers and organized policy creation exercise such as workshops. We have also served as advisors for Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), advising on PPP structure, conducting partnership assessments and supporting PPP associated financing exercises. We have hosted several workshops with partners including  ministries of health or International Finance Corporation (IFC) targeting key public and private stakeholders. Anadach also does significant work in drawing the attention of key stakeholders to important issues. Recently, we have done extensive work in increasing the awareness around Tuberculosis (TB) in Nigeria where the burden of disease has been identified to be significant. We have held several webinars and conducted research with the aim of ultimately affecting policy decisions.





Our clients include hospitals, laboratories, & pharmacies and they outsource the crucial work that is recruitment to us. Particularly given the ongoing brain drain that is predicted to worsen and that has ensured that high quality human resources in healthcare have become a scare commodity, our clients depend on us to handle the recruitment process from ad placements to interviews to final offer negotiations. Anadach leverages upon its large network of healthcare professionals that spans Nigeria, as well as several other countries across the continent to deliver high quality recruitment solutions.






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