Management Consulting and Advisory Services


These volatile and economically challenging times magnify complexity, risk and the implications of every strategic decision. In this environment, sound strategy consulting is more important than ever. An advisor that brings the right combination of provocative perspectives, proven approaches and pragmatic thinking can make a difference in performance, profitability and operational excellence.


Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies and Business Plan Development

Market Analysis

• Health System Strengthening and Policy Advice

• Advisory Services e.g. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Customized Services

• Health financing

• Workplace Health and Wellness

• Health Benefit Analysis and Advice


Capability Enhancement Services


We help organizations strengthen their skill sets and competencies to tap their collective knowledge, experience, and perspectives. This enable healthcare workers and leaders to function at the highest levels of collaborative innovation.


General Training Programs e.g. Health Management, Project Management, Clinical Governance

Customized Training Programs

Organize Conferences and Symposia




Professional and Executive Resources


We dedicate to provide quality professional services and products to selected organizations in healthcare industry.


Recruitment and Staffing Services

• Mentoring and Leadership Services






Clinical Services Improvement


Health systems interested in clinical program improvement—breaking the cycle of waste and improving the quality of care patients receive—often have trouble pinpointing where to start. It is a prime area for health systems to target for improvement initiatives.


• Quality Improvement Services

• Service Delivery Modeling and Optimum Organizational Design

• Preparing for Accreditation of Health Facilities

Clinical Advisory Services






Data and Information Technology


Technological innovation and the trend towards open government are driving huge growth in health data. We support programs to identify how best to collect, share and learn from this knowledge and use it to improve personal and population health.


• Information System Assessment and Planning

Mobile Technology Applications

• Mining Data

• IT advisory services

• Logistics/Supply Chain Advisory Services

Customized Research Services