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Dr. Wale Oyebanji obtained his medical degree from Windsor University school of Medicine,St. Kitts in the Caribbean and also has several certifications from various Ivy League institutions.


He is a medical practitioner with years of working experience in both private and public institutions, and well known for his undying passion for an efficient and sustainable health care system.


Dr. Wale was the pioneer health coordinator of the Lagos state health volunteer scheme, where unemployed but employable graduates are trained on common illnesses, triage and health education amongst others, after which they are posted to the primary health care centers in their communities to serve as change agents and to educate their people on the indices for healthy living.


He worked with Codix Pharma limited as a commercial manager and business development manager where he drove the campaign for cardio-metabolic care training and screening in the south west region, and also ensured the purchase of rapid diagnostic test kits by state governments to be distributed in communities where there are no health care facilities. This is used in screening people for malaria, typhoid, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS amongst others.


He is a medical talk show host and co-anchor of WE THE DOCTORS on wazobia television where he constantly educates and discusses health issues in an entertaining way. As a result he is usually invited to speak to corporate and public organizations on health matters.


He is the co-founder of Medmobile Consultants Limited established with the sole aim of educating the public on ways of preventing illnesses and the importance of lifestyle modification by sending daily well researched medical tips on different health issues via various forms of social media and sms on mobile networks.


He is an Associate with Anadach and has served in various capacities and gained expertise in research and business networking.


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