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  • Performed a technical due diligence assessment for potential investment in health care company for a major healthcare fund. This was an analytic approach to uncover the critical issues in the evaluation of this investment opportunity focusing on short-term and medium-term value capture.

  • Conducted due diligence/valuation for potential acquisition of an existing health facility network.

  • Provided advisory services to several clients (including ambulatory centers, multi-center diagnostic centers, and tertiary hospitals) in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zimbabwe on all aspects of business plan development including strategic planning, operations, expansion, financial modeling, governance and organization structures and raising additional finance. 


  • Provided advisory services on diagnostic services jointly with with a partner to one of the largest African NGOs  focusing on households at the base of the pyramid.


  • Developed a multi-country franchise model for a laboratory group.

  • Review of Proposed New Diagnostic Center in Djibouti for a Trade and Development Bank.

A Trade and Development Bank retained Anadach Group, as their Lender’s Technical Advisory (LTA) group to provide expert and objective diligence as to the viability and business risk of a proposed healthcare project in a member country.

The goal of the facility was to be the Regional Leader in Clinical Laboratory testing and radiology diagnostics with the highest quality standards provided to all patients and healthcare providers. It aimed to provide specialist medical, diagnostic laboratory and diagnostic radiology services.





Selected Experience





Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies and Business Plan Development





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