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Recognizing the importance of information technology to increase access and quality health service provision to the masses in Sub-Saharan Africa, Anadach has organized several conferences such as;


  • The first multi-stakeholder conference on M-Health in Africa, the M-Health Africa Summit focused on sustainability and scalability of mobile health services in Africa. It brought stakeholders from the health, telecommunications, ICT, finance, and donors together in December 2010 in Accra to focus on these issues. This conference was also complimented by a workshop on financial and a technical bar-camp on mobile health which was facilitated by Anadach group. 


  • In May 2011, Anadach group organized the health business day at the USA week Kenya conference. The forum created a platform where information and knowledge was shared across a wide range of stakeholders on potential investment opportunities in the health sector in Kenya and elsewhere in the region.


  • In 2011 and 2012, Anadach Group partnered with the GSMA in organizing the GSMA-mHA Mobile Health Summit. Both summits were held in Cape Town, South Africa. The summits brought together senior executives from both the health and telecommunication sectors. The event's conference, exhibition and networking encouraged the collaboration and relationships needed to realize the potential of mobile health.

  • In partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Health Services and Telehealth Society of Kenya, Anadach organized a Pan-African conference on E-Health in Kenya in April 2012.This summit provided a platform to facilitate the implementation of the Kenya E-health strategy by bringing together interested parties and stakeholders from around the world working in the health care field, telecommunications, ICT, finance, academic, and developmental sectors to share knowledge and exchange ideas, discuss innovative and emerging solutions and develop collaborations.

  • In 2013, Anadach also co-organized the first E-Health Nigeria Summit held in Lagos. The summit brought key stakeholders of E-Health to discuss the status of E-Health in Nigeria and move beyond discussions to the next phase of strategy and policy development. Stakeholders included representation from other sectors such as academia, technology, finance, banking, and telecommunications.

  • In 2013, Anadach Group was also a technical partner at a healthcare workshop to commemorate the 10th anniversary of National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana.

  • In 2013, Anadach Group was a knowledge Partner to Global Health Project and Resources on Medipharma Africa in Nigeria and Ghana and was responsible for developing the training content. This training included the Nigerian CEO forum which brought together representatives from both the private and public sectors to discuss management and governance issues affecting Nigerian hospitals.





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