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Oladipo Obakayode Eso, MBA: Oladipo is a Senior Consultant with Anadach Group and responsible for senior level performance in all areas related to the provision of technical and business solutions to clients. He oversees data analysis, design, and development of numerous projects primarily those in the pharmaceutical arena. Oladipo has contributed to major project milestones for pharmaceutical retail scoping projects, strategic business development projects and a variety of others. Prior to joining Anadach, he was the Clinical Compliance officer at St. Nicholas Hospital Lagos, Nigeria where he continuously reviewed and implemented policies and procedures to improve the hospital’s overall clinical quality and safety. Oladipo was also a consultant for Zpecta AB, a Swedish lighting company, where he and his team carried out comprehensive marketing research and provided invaluable guidance to the company in preparation for their entry into the United States. In addition, he was a Business Development associate at Falck Prime Atlantic, the Nigerian operating arm of Falck Nutec, the world’s largest provider of safety training for the offshore industry. Oladipo received his MBA from The George Washington School of Business, District of Columbia, United States of America



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