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The Anadach Group and Corvus Health, in collaboration with The Yuan, are pleased to invite you join our  interactive upcoming webinar, 'Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resources for Health ' which is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, December 12th, 2023, at 8.00 am US Eastern Time.


Healthcare demand is driven by a combination of forces: an aging population, increased GDP/population, changing patient expectations, a shift in lifestyle choices, and the never-ending cycle of innovation being but a few. On the other hand, healthcare spending simply cannot keep up, so the demand for efficiency and reduced costs is present in all health systems.


Without major transformational change, healthcare systems will struggle to remain equitable, efficient, and with increased levels of access especially in developing economies. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. A computer program can perform selected tasks or reasoning processes that we usually associate with intelligence in a human being and can do them all day without fatigue or error. Machine learning has the potential to provide data-driven clinical decision support (CDS) to physicians and other health workers—paving the way for improved service delivery and increased revenue potential. Deep learning, a subset of AI designed to identify patterns, uses algorithms and data to give automated insights to healthcare providers. Put simply, AI is reinventing — and reinvigorating — modern healthcare through software that can predict, comprehend, learn, and act.


Given the transformational potential, it is important to understand the significance or potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on health services and outcomes from a global perspective including developing and emerging economies.


For this webinar, we would like to stimulate an  interactive discussion based on current use cases of Artificial Intelligence on clinical outcomes and the health workforce. If you do have any questions you have for the speakers before the event, please send them to

We look forward to having you join us.

Seats are limited,pls register at


1.45 pm - 2.00 pm     Guests Sign in virtually

2.00 pm - 2.05 pm     Welcome & Introduction

                                   -Dr. Egbe Osifo-Dawodu. Partner & Co-Founder, Anadach Consulting

2.05 pm – 2.30pm     Artificial Intelligence and Health Worker Education

                                  Panel Discussion - Stefan Wisbaur, CEO, Lecturio

                                                               - David Kamanda, Managing Director, IRCAD Africa

                                  Moderator – Dr. Kate Tulenko CEO, Corvus Health


2.30pm - 2.55 pm     Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe to  Clinical Practice?

                                  The Potential and Peril of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Practice

                                  Panel Discussion - Kurt Waltenbaugh,  CEO Kestrel Rising

                                                               - Amr Abodraiaa, CEO of Rology

                                  Moderator - Dr. Egbe Osifo-Dawodu


2.55 pm - 3.10 pm      Q & A - Dr Kate Tulenk

3.10 pm - 3.15 pm      Conclusion and Closing Remarks by Dr. Egbe Osifo-Dawodu


Dr Kechi Achebe  

Special Guest

Dr. Kechi Achebe is an experienced public health physician, scientist, and researcher, with more than 20 years of technical, programmatic, and leadership experience in public health and clinical medicine. A recognized global expert in the area of global health--especially HIV, tuberculosis and related diseases, she has worked and led the design and delivery of public health programs globally


Dr. Achebe is the Director of the Office of Global Health and HIV (OGHH). In this role, she leads the development, policy direction, design and technical support of PC’s Global Health & HIV programs, to address malaria; maternal, newborn, and child health; HIV/AIDS; TB; reproductive health services, COVID-19 and other emerging global health threats; and community health systems strengthening, in the 64 countries where PC is present.. She also serves as PEPFAR Deputy Principal, representing Peace Corps to the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Health Diplomacy at State Department (S/GAC).


From 2013 to 2020, Dr. Achebe served as the Senior Director for HIV/AIDS and TB programs, at Save the Children USA, as well as the organization’s management lead on its partnership with the Global Fund, in Geneva. Prior to that, she was the Director of the office of Health and HIV/AIDS at Africare, all based in Washington DC. Her extensive work experience covers Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, The Caribbeans and the USA.


Dr Achebe also served as member and advisor to the UNITAID civil society board, and as the principal investigator on many CDC/NIH and PEPFAR funded projects. She has authored and has published white papers, technical support documents, and peer-reviewed publications.  Her research focused primarily on developing strategies to reduce the global burden of infectious and non-communicable diseases, promoting health and addressing health disparities, especially amongst the vulnerable and marginalized population, and community health systems strengthening.


In addition to her oversight of multi-million-dollar research and development programs, Dr. Achebe has a strong record of working closely and successfully with various governments; multilateral/bilateral agencies, and host-country governments. She is passionate about community development and engagement; and is loved by the community members wherever she works.


Dr. Achebe holds a medical degree (MD) from the University of Benin in Nigeria, and a master's degree in public health (MPH) from Boston University. She obtained a fellowship in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from Boston University School of Medicine and Public Health and a certificate in management from Yale University’s School of Management, CT.

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